simultaneous and remote interpreting

Give all your events and meetings the much-needed boost with Rafiky Simultaneous Interpretation!

Why are you still using bulky hardware in 2020? With our technology, you can now get top-quality services with few clicks.

Use Rafiky Software for high-quality remote simultaneous interpretation services. No Need for heavy Hardware, Just a laptop, smartphone or tablet to get started today!


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    What is Rafiky?

    Rafiky is an extremely flexible and accessible cloud platform solution designed to perform remote interpretation and simultaneous interpretation for all types of online events, conventions, conferences, or multilingual meetings.

    It’s a unique and innovative vision of remote interpretation; it allows professional interpreters to work from anywhere at any time.

    Why you should choose Rafiky?


    Rafiky’s remote interpretation creates a Wow Factor Button that will surely impress every of your guest!


    Our simultaneous interpretation services allow you access to up to 120 languages for your audience anytime, anywhere!


    We care about your business growth; our remote interpretation helps you reduce up to 50% of your cost without compromising quality. No need for equipment or the flying of interpreters around the world.


    Rafiky offers crystal-clear Audio and high definition video streaming.


    Rafiky allows thousands of attendees to participate in your event from anywhere in the world.


    Our Technical Support Teams are always available 24/7 remotely, on-site before and during all your events.


    Our remote interpretation app is easy to use and designed with events attendee’s comfort in mind; it provides a seamless experience for event and meeting attendees.


    Rafiky grants you access to a large pool of experienced and high-quality interpreters who work remotely from all around the world.

    The future is on our hands!

    Rafiky’s innovative simultaneous interpretation platform opens you to the world’s best interpreters anywhere and anytime you want them.

    Now is the perfect time to cross off rental expenses, cabins, hostesses, trips and accommodations from all your expenses. Forget the past and embrace the future (Remote interpretation solution)

    The only thing you have to do now is to choose the language of your choice in a single click. With our application headphones, you will be able to listen to the conference, just like normal and usual interpreting.


    Rafiky is a 21st-century mobile system that replaces the traditional interpretation; it completely replaces the cumbersome audio streaming hardware for live events.

    Thanks to merely a computer and an online connection, you can now stream on event listeners’ phones and tablets via our mobile app. Our remote simultaneous interpretation services work perfectly for events of any kind and type.

    Experience a new remote interpretation reality with us

    Why settle for complicated and expensive hardware when you can actually get the same results by downloading an app?

    Rafiky is a remote interpreter mobile system that completely replaces the audio streaming hardware for live events; with a computer and Internet connection, you can now stream any audio on listener’s phones or tablets via our innovative mobile application. 

    Setting up your Rafiky app is very easy; you don’t have to be a tech guru, configure the platform and provide participants with login credentials to enjoy an international event from anywhere in the world, with crystal clear Audio and high-definition video streaming. 

    Thanks to Rafiky’s simultaneous interpretation services, remote participants and high-quality interpreters will be remotely connected in real-time: the event will be accessible to all users, wherever they are, and in whatever language they want. Not only that. Rafiky remote interpretation is designed for events of any kind and type.

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