Case Study

Red Bull

In order to present the company’s news in light of its achievements, Redbull periodically holds conferences and conventions of global importance. The last major project that required Rafiky’s technical support included a rich agenda consisting of presentations, product demonstrations, several debate sessions and of course international guests.

Simultaneous Remote Interpretation for Redbull


The Customer

With the sale of the first Red Bull in Austria, 1987 marks the birth of a totally new product category: Energy Drink.

Inspired by functional drinks in the Far East, Dietrich Mateschitz creates an extremely innovative product that reflects a unique marketing concept: thus in the mid-1980s a new product was born, that is now appreciated worldwide by athletes, sports enthusiasts, professionals and students. For many years alongside Redbull, Rafiky has been a loyal partner for the company in the realization of major international events.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective.

The agenda included, in addition to a first presentation in the main hall of the event, a series of debates for small groups of people inside adjacent rooms; each room required 5 different language combinations.

The idea of installing many booths in each room was not feasible, but the audience was heterogeneous and the message had to reach all the participants, indiscriminately.



Participants arranged in 8 different rooms. Participants streamed to different virtual rooms.

5 language combinations per room

Each Room needs simultaneous translation into 5 languages


80 interpreters

Streaming event in 40 languages! A team of interpreters arranged in different parts of the world.

3 weeks

Just three weeks to organize all the necessary aspects.


After selecting the best profiles of interpreters based on the issues addressed, our technical staff activated to ensure a top quality interpreting service in the main hall and adjacent rooms, as requested by the customer.

Thanks to our application it was possible to eliminate the interpreting booths, with related costs and assembly times, and also ensure a professional interpreting service.


After the technical tests, more than 30 members of Rafiky’s staff provided specialized assistance from the beginning to the end of the event, providing all the support needed for optimal performance.

Both the customer and the participants showed great satisfaction and the event ended in general enthusiasm.


“Thanks to the team for technical support. We did not believe that such a complex event could be handled with such seriousness and professionalism. Extremely professional interpreters, impeccable technicians. No issues, everything went perfectly!

Angel. W

Red Bull

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