Interpretation performance to its greatest potential through Video Web Conferencing

Welcome to the Future, where you can organize and host web conferencing in multiple languages without leaving your own place.

Thanks to Rafiky’s web conferencing software, you can now grow your business abroad and convey your messages to different target audiences, without moving or hiring language interpreters in loco.


Rafiky web conferencing software

Video web conferencing is the must-have tool for keeping your business in the forefront in the 21st-century. Rafiky’s software is 100% compatible with the most popular video web conferencing platforms. This kind of service is perfect for one-to-one video interviews, remote conference meetings, video webinars, online training, stakeholders updates, etc.

With our efficient and cost-friendly web conferencing software, we will work around the clock to make your conference a worthwhile experience for all your participants.




Online Events

Professional Interpreters

Are you in need of interpretation for your next video web conferencing?

Come and check why most of our clients would recommend Rafiky

web conferencing software


Rafiky web conferencing software is unique: you can easily integrate it to your usual web conferencing platform. The end-user interpretation experience will be breathtaking.




Rafiky will find you the perfect interpreter for your web conferencing. All of our interpreters, highly trained and experienced, will perform brilliantly even in the most demanding assignments.

Remote support

We do offer professional technical support before and during your video web conferencing. Be sure that, in case of emergency, our team will always be ready to assist you and your event attendees.



We provide “real” web-conferences, for which you can have multiple virtual rooms – divided by topics or by languages – and as many language interpreters as you need.



Half-day, full-day and hourly interpretation rates are available. There is no need to spend that much on heavy hardwares’.








We help you speak to the whole world just with one click!

What can you do with our video web conferencing services?

  • Engage your web conferencing audience – Rafiky Web conferencing software makes you engage your audience without any hassle.

  • Save Time – Setting up a web conference has never been so easy and fast.


  • Save Money – Our video web conferencing will let you save money. No need for heavy hardware, you can get started with an electric device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone).


  • Communicate professionally – Our highly trained interpreters have mastered our web conferencing software; they do communicate professionally to make all of your events a memorable experience for attendees.


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